Established in 2013,AIR PLUS LOGISTICS  LIMITED headquartered in Shenzhen, a frontier city of reform and opening up, is an international freight forwarder specializing in international air transport, Trans-Eurasia Logistics and international shipping. Adhering to the customer-centric approach, our business scope covers international air transport, Trans-Eurasia Logistics, international maritime transport, Vietnam Saudi Arabia special line, FBA first and whole journey, warehousing and supply chain, cross-border and other diversified businesses, and we are a reliable comprehensive logistics service provider.

We rely on a solid domestic and international network foundation, strong talent reserves, and profound market insights to create diverse, flexible, and efficient logistics choices for customers. The company always keeps up with customer needs and continues to innovate, building optimal routes, optimizing logistics costs, and providing customers with fast, efficient, convenient, timely, safe, and reliable transportation services.